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Custom Sign Fabrication for Marcus Cinema

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CNC Routing of a Cinema Sign

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CNC Routing of a Custom Cinema Sign for Marcus Theaters

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Omaha Neon Sign Company has extensive experience in the design, fabrication, and installation of custom signage. Arrangements were made with the Marcus Theaters for a custom cinema sign project that included all elements of our expertise.

The Marcus Midtown Cinema provided a conceptual idea for a vertical and horizontal sign. From that concept, we designed a vertical sign measuring 57' 10.5" long x 8' wide and a horizontal sign measuring 32' long x 5'8" wide. Shop drawings were generated based on these dimensions and, upon client approval, fully fabricated the products in our shop out of various materials (listed below). The signs were finished using automotive paint on the metal surfaces and printed graphics on acrylics.

As with all projects, the signs were tested within our shop prior to installation to ensure that the quality and workmanship met our high standards. Five weeks after project inception the signs were installed. Our customer was pleased with the design, quality of our work, and precision installation. They were also pleased with our competitive pricing.

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Custom Cinema Sign Fabrication Project

Custom Cinema Sign Project This sign is used for the Marcus Midtown Cinema in Omaha, NE.
Sign Fabrication Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Client Provided Concept
  • Omaha Neon generated Shop Drawings
  • These Signs were Fully Fabricated in our Shop
Overall Part Dimensions
Horizontal Sign
Length: 32'
Width: 5' 8"
Vertical Sign
Length: 57' 10.5"
Width: 8'
Material Used
Material FinishPrinted graphics on acrylics
Automotive paint on metal surfaces
In process testing/inspection performedAll elements were tested in the shop
Delivery/Turnaround Time5 Weeks
Standards MetCustomer supplied concept

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