LED display advertising gives you a competitive edge

Everything changes – especially your messages to your customers. Custom electronic message units allow you flexibility in your marketing efforts. You can target your customers with relevant messages tailored for the time of day, week or month – or focus on specific potential/current customer audiences. Enhanced message targeting can generate increased marketing exposure and increased sales.

Improve your visibility with single or double-line text messages or full video LED displays. The signs include software that is easily programmed to store and display multiple messages in variable formats and intervals. You have total control of the appearance, message text and timing.

What’s more, custom message units are an economical way to control your marketing dollars – you get a greater sales impact at costs lower than traditional advertising.

We also offer high definition LCD displays that can be mounted on custom designed and built signs. CRT and EMD signboards are also available.

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor advertising, take control of your point-of-purchase advertising and target your customers with flexible, direct, actionable messages on your custom electronic message units.

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