About CBS Signs

Image is everything in business…

and your sign is the first image potential customers will have of your business. Make sure the first impression is one that lasts.

Let CBS Signs make that first impression be a positive experience. No matter if it is a small or large project; we design, manufacture, install and maintain attractive, efficient, quality signs for all types of businesses.

Equipped to handle complex assemblies using the most advanced technology in our industry, CBS Signs has the ability to manufacture and install large volumes of signs on a timely basis at affordable costs for our customers.

Working within a network of sign companies across the state, we have access to over 150,000 square feet of production and warehousing facilities to build and install signage in Lincoln, across Nebraska and throughout the continental United States.

Toll Free: 1-800-539-4464
Phone: 402-466-7446
Fax: 402-466-2157

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Our design group will work to create the look you desire while our sales staff and installation team will take care of municipal codes and licensing requirements. We will coordinate every step of the project for you from start to finish.The fabrication team utilizes the latest technologies to create high-end quality products that last. And our installation crews are among the most experienced in the industry, installing thousands of signs every year.Everyone at CBS Signs takes great pride and care in what we do – and our customers appreciate the results. Call us today at (402) 466-7446 for the best signs at the best prices!

The team at CBS Signs designs and builds illuminated lettering detailed to our customers’ specifications. Called channel letters, we offer an extensive assortment of colors, material types and lighting options, plus we have hundreds of font styles to choose from to meet your needs.

Call us today or email your artwork with a description of your sign; our staff will work quickly to generate drawings and price quotes for your approval.

Channel Letter/Logo Options

  • Front-Lit
  • Reverse-Lit (lighting behind silhouette of letter)
  • Open Face (exposed bulbs)
  • Contour (a combination of several letters and/or logos built as one unit)

Mounting Options

  • Flush to fascia with transformer self-contained with letter
  • Flush to fascia with transformer behind mounted wall
  • Standard raceway (8″ tall, rectangular aluminum shell running the length of the lettering)
  • Custom raceway (2-8′ deep aluminum shell, built to any shape)

Lighting Options

  • LED (weather resistant with minimal power usage for long term savings)
  • Neon (affordable initial investment, classic look for open face letters)

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The Power to Target Your Message Now

Take total control of your message and sales offers by using electronic message units. Every minute of the day or night, you target the sales messages to meet the needs of your customers. During morning drive time, have coffee/breakfast specials – in the evening, advertise red tag specials in your clothing department. Whatever your business or products/services – you can communicate with your customers in a thousand different ways daily.

CBS Signs offers a wide variety of screens and sizes that fit your needs and budget. Plus your messages are easily programmed through your computer.

You will never have more control over your advertising.

Call us today! Let us show you how to put electronic message units to work for your company now.

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“X” Never Marks the Spot!
But CBS Signs Can Mark It for You!

Whatever your needs, we can develop custom signage that meets your corporate identity and logo requirements. Non-illuminated wall signs, monuments, pole/flag signs and projection signs draw attention and marks your spot, whether it’s an office, store or service location.

CBS Signs can create your sign or work from prepared drawings you supply. We work with your landlord, property manager and city permit department to make sure the sign is compliant to all building and zoning regulations. Then our fabrication and installation teams finish the project and install your sign.

It is easy to get your sign installed and working for you. Let CBS Signs handle the specific project details for you – and not take your time away from your customers.

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Need a Tune-up? Keep Your Signs Bright and Clean

Weather, constant use and old age can cause harm to any sign. CBS Signs provides repair and maintenance services at affordable prices to keep your sign operating like new.

Our services include: sign installation and repair; scheduled inspections; maintenance and cleaning; sign re-lamping, re-facing and refurbishing; removal; disposal; and emergency service. Our service trucks are always stocked with a full selection of components to handle all of your lighting needs.

Contact CBS Signs to handle your maintenance services today! We are just a phone call away – (402) 466-7446. Or email sales@cbssigns.com