At Omaha Neon Sign Company, we provide custom fabricated signs that will enhance your image and give your project a professional look at competitive prices. Here are just a few examples of the quality products and value added services that we deliver every day.

Omaha Neon Sign Company has extensive experience in the design, fabrication, and installation of custom signage. Arrangements were made with the Marcus Theaters for a custom cinema sign project that included all elements of our expertise.

The Marcus Midtown Cinema provided a conceptual idea for a vertical and horizontal sign. From that concept, we designed a vertical sign measuring 57′ 10.5″ long x 8′ wide and a horizontal sign measuring 32′ long x 5’8″ wide. Shop drawings were generated based on these dimensions and, upon client approval, fully fabricated the products in our shop out of various materials (listed below). The signs were finished using automotive paint on the metal surfaces and printed graphics on acrylics.

As with all projects, the signs were tested within our shop prior to installation to ensure that the quality and workmanship met our high standards. Five weeks after project inception the signs were installed. Our customer was pleased with the design, quality of our work, and precision installation. They were also pleased with our competitive pricing.

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When a local convenient store chain wanted a brand and image makeover to compete with national chains in the area, they knew the first way to accomplish this objective was with fresh-looking store signs. Having built prior signage projects for the company, they contacted us to work with them on this new branding project. This location was the first of many stores scheduled to get the makeover.

After receiving customer input, our experienced staff went to work on a custom design for the rebranded convenient store. Once our design was approved, we completed the sign within seven weeks. The product was engineered out of aluminum and Plexiglas, with routed, channel letters, 3-tone color, LED lighting, and finished with vinyl graphics.

Prior to project completion, all elements were tested in our shop to ensure that the sign passed our quality approval. Installation finished the project. The sign measured 58′ long x 26′ wide x 8′ high when completed. The storeowners were thrilled with the look and features of the sign, as well as with our completion time and affordable pricing.

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This hot air balloon is quite an attention grabber at the Rose Blumkin Home located in west Omaha, Nebraska. The unique product exemplifies our ability to fabricate custom products for our clients – sometimes beyond the capabilities of other sign manufacturers.

Completely designed and fabricated in-house, this project took our team outside the “box” to create an unusually distinctive and attractive sign; it really was a “sky’s the limit” project! Measuring 12.5 feet in height with a 7+ foot outside diameter, it was fabricated from metal and nonflammable fabric. After fabrication the sign was fully assembled and tested in the shop prior to installation. The entire project was completed in just six weeks!

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