Highly visible and identifiable - Channel letters brighten your name!

Day and night – channel letters catch the eye of your highly mobile customers as they pass by your locations.

This 3D sign element is best for displaying logos, letters and numbers that are easily noticeable and readable.

Best suited as architectural signage on your buildings, Omaha Neon provides illuminated standard, reverse-lit and open-faced channel letters. Using LED or neon, lighting can be face-lit, back-lit for silhouette effects or front-lit with a halo effect. Whatever lighting technique is selected, your name and logo are prominently displayed to catch the attention of the public.

Using LED lighting for channel letters, you will have the option of using various colors alone or in combination. LEDs are the most economical way to light your signs and also have the longest service life for bulbs. You will enjoy lower monthly lighting bills and longer time between maintenance/service work.

Be it custom or standard brand designs, all channel letters are fabricated in-house under close inspection. High quality is put into every sign before it is delivered and installed at your location.

Put channel letters to work for you today! CallĀ (402) 341-6077 or click contact us for more details!

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