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Custom Awnings & Canopies

Draw Attention to Your Building!

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Custom Awnings & Canopies

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Awnings and Canopy Fascia can enhance the look of your building/location and provide shelter or directions to get the customer inside. At CBS Signs we customize and manufacture awnings to meet your needs. Adorned with graphics or text, we can fabricate your awnings from a wide selection of sizes, shapes and colors.

What's more, awnings can provide shelter over your entryway and shade for your windows that can actually save on your building's energy costs!

Beautify your building, advertise your name, provide protection and reduce energy costs... you can't go wrong with awnings or canopy fascia from CBS Signs.

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Awning Styles

  • Concave or convex awnings
  • Dome awnings
  • Standard awnings (with or without valence)
  • Back-lit awnings
  • Terrance / patio awnings
  • Window / entrance awnings

Awning Styles

  • Canvas (single color or striped)
  • Colley (PVC polymer membrane)
  • Metal (corrugated steel, aluminum, etc.)


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