From Start to Finish and Beyond


Omaha Neon Sign Company has been honored to have local and national businesses and corporations trust us to work with their brand. We understand the labor, sacrifice and sweat that went in to creating their image and reputation – and we work diligently to make sure we create quality signage that reflects their character and spirit.

We offer creative and professional signage solutions for your advertising, marketing, products/services or business demands. From an existing corporate brand to a new design/concept, our team of talented designers work with the customers to create attractive signs that visualizes the brand.

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Permit acquisition

With over 90 years working closely with city, county and state zoning and planning agencies, Omaha Neon Sign Companies can ensure that your signage is designed and constructed to meet regulations for your particular applications. We offer permit acquisition services for every aspect of your project.

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With over 95 years in the local community, Omaha Neon has grown beyond the eastern Nebraska and western Iowa area to serve regional clients, national franchises and chains.  We are inspired by Samuel J Marchese, who led our company from 1970 to 2021 and built it into the organization we are today.  He always lived by the philosophy of serving our customers well.  Today, all of Omaha Neon, along with Sam’s family, continue to live up to this philosophy and belief.  We also have a dedicated team of almost 100 employees with the talents, skills, knowledge, and drive to meet our customers’ needs and requirements for signs.